Table 1. Homology families, proposed activities, and functions of S. cerevisiae nuclear kinesins

Motor Family Activity Putative homologues at kinetochores References
Cin8p/Kip1p Kinesin-5 Cross-linking/ sliding None Hoyt et al., 1992; Roof et al., 1992; Saunders and Hoyt, 1992; Gordon and Roof, 1999; Kapitein et al., 2005;
Kip3p Kinesin-8 Depolymerizing/metaphase chromosome attachment S. pombe: klp5/klp6; West et al., 2001, 2002; Garcia et al., 2002a,b; Rogers et al., 2004;
Kinesin-13 Metaphase chromosome attachment D. melanogaster: KLP67A, KLP10A, KLP59C Maney et al., 1998, 2001; Desai et al., 1999; Severin et al., 2001; Lawrence et al., 2004; Moore and Wordeman, 2004; Rogers et al., 2004; Sharp and Rogers, 2004; Mennella et al., 2005
Kar3p Kinesin-14 Depolymerizing note: Kar3p has two different cofactors; Cik1 for mating cells and Vik1 for vegetatively growing cells None Meluh and Rose, 1990; Endow et al., 1994; Manning et al., 1999; Sproul et al., 2005

Kip3p has variously been placed in the kinesin-8/-13 families by different investigators and has occasionally been described as a KinI kinesin.


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